Lee Page Hanson Ceramics

Ceramic trinket boxes


Inspired by nature

Lee Page Hanson's work involves experimenting with geometric shapes and some figurative images. During his college years he studied 20th Century art, so references to different schools particularly modernist styles emerge in the approach to composition and structure. Ideas are explored from quite elaborate patterns and colours to more simplified minimal finishes.

The joy of handmade

Lee uses coloured slips, paper resist under-glaze pencil, lace & wallpaper embossing and on glaze lustre decoration. When combined these techniques are a form of ceramic collage.

The shapes Lee uses range from tiles to simple vessels to more intricate lidded box containers, using these as vehicles to carry the decorative techniques.

Geometric vases


"His process of experimenting and layering results in colourful compositions that reflect his subjects' decorative plumes."

— Anthropologie


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